Information on battery disposal and battery deposit-refunding

As retailers, we are obliged to inform our customers about the Battery Ordinance when they purchase (rechargeable) batteries:

Battery disposal

The delivery contents of some appliances include (rechargeable) batteries that are intended to power the appliances. They can also be firmly fixed in the appliances. Please dispose of all batteries in accordance with relevant legislative provisions. End users are required to return (rechargeable) batteries. Disposing of them in household waste is strictly prohibited. You can deposit (rechargeable) batteries at municipal collection points, recycling centres or hand them to your local dealer. Returning batteries is free of charge as well as being a legal requirement. All batteries will be reused. This allows valuable raw materials to be retrieved and protects both health and the environment.

You can also send batteries received by us to the following address, provided that they contain no pollutants. Batteries that contain pollutants are marked with a crossed-out refuse bin symbol. They may contain harmful substances that can damage both health and the environment. If this symbol is accompanied by an illustration of the chemical symbol Pb: battery contains lead, Cd: battery contains cadmium, Hg: battery contains mercury, this generally signifies that this metal is contained in the battery and its level is above the legal upper limit.

Return address
Hammerkauf GmbH
Barentsstraße 17
D-53881 Euskirchen

Battery deposit-refund scheme

Pursuant to § 10 BattG, we and all other retailers of starter batteries are legally obliged to charge a deposit of €7.50 from the end user acquiring a starter battery. The deposit charge will be displayed on the invoice. Our battery prices can therefore be considered as including a deposit.

Return/reimbursement of the deposit surcharge
Due to the Dangerous Goods Ordinance, it is not possible to return used batteries in the dispatch contents. Used batteries can be returned to municipal collection points or recycling centres. Please then send us your receipt for specialist disposal. This is the only way we can reimburse you the deposit.

You can find further information regarding these batteries in the manufacturer's user manual.