Briggs & Stratton fuel tap 698183

Briggs & Stratton fuel tap 698183

B&S fuel tap 698183

Fuel tap in-line valve.

Original spare part suitable for e.g. engine (s):

100602-0177-H8 (750EX Series), 100602-0178-H8 (750EX Series), 100602-5025-H8 (750EX Series), 100605-0038-H8 (775iS SERIES), 100605-0039-H8 (775iS SERIES), 100605-0040-H8 (775iS SERIES), 100802-0148-H8 (750EX SERIES), 100802-0149-H8 (750EX SERIES), 100807-0150-H8 (750EX SERIES), 123P02-0011-H5 (850E Series), 124T02-6724-H1, 124T02-6952-H1 (650E SERIES), 126M02-1018-F1, 126M07-5662-F1, 126T02-0391-H1, 14B937-0014-H1 (900E SERIES), 14B937-0121-H1 ( 900E SERIES), 21R807-0062-B5 (INTEK 3), 21R877-0015-B1 (INTEK 3), 296442-0002-H5, 296447-0003-H1, 305440-3052-G1, 305442-0112-B1, 305442- 0113-H5, 305442-0315-F1, 305446-0204-B5, 305447-0116-B1, 305447-0285-G2, 305447-0316-F1, 305447-0573-B5, 31R507-0002-B1, 31R507-0011- B5 (INTEK 4), 31R577-0014-B5 (INTEK 4), 31R777-0010-B5 (INTEK 4), 31R877-0015-G1, 31R907-0018-G1, 356442-0126-B1, 356442-0369-B5, 356442-0370-F1, 356442-0371-F1, 356447-0121-B5, 356447-0123-B5, 356447-0373-F1, 356447-0405-H5, 385446-0155-B1, 385447-0112-B5, 386447- 0114-B5, 386447- 0181-B5, 386447-3202-B5, 40N877-0004-G1, 40N877-0037-B5 (INTEK 7)

For the exact determination of the spare part, please use the original spare part drawings of the corresponding engine!

Please be sure to observe the assembly and safety instructions from the device manufacturer!

Brand Briggs & Stratton
Weight 0.00
EAN 4023055692347
item number: 2224698183

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  • BRIGGS & STRATTON 698183
  • F1 DISTRIBUTION 4200400
  • FRICKE 33270057
  • HUSQVARNA 584 95 81-01
  • KRAMP 698183
  • LAGROS 4228

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