Knipex tin nibble

Knipex tin nibble

57,90 € incl. 19 % tax, plus shipping costs

For cutting iron, copper or aluminum sheet up to a maximum thickness of 1.2 mm, plastic up to a maximum thickness of 2.0 mm Cutting of the materials without deformation Clean cut edges, no reworking on the cut profile Chip breaker? Easy to handle? Cutting width: 2.7 mm? Tool body: special tool steel, rolled, oil-hardened? Knife: special tool steel, oil-hardened, replaceable "
handles: with two-color multi-component grips
head: nickel
length in mm: 280.0
Weight in g: 560
Brand Knipex
Weight 0.56
EAN 4003773026730
item number: 222499674

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