Mobicool B40, 38 liters fridge & freezer compressor box 12/230 V

Mobicool B40, 38 liters fridge & freezer compressor box 12/230 V

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The B40 has a powerful compressor and a thermoelectric aggregate and achieves a freezing capacity down to -15 ° C even at high ambient temperatures.

A compressor box, which works in stationary and mobile use, goes pretty well into the money. The new B40 is not. This typical awning cooler has a powerful compressor and a thermoelectric unit on board. This comes into play when the device is connected in the car to the 12 volt vehicle battery. So the cold chain remains even when transporting from home to the campsite. An amazing and inexpensive technical solution for an important comfort feature! In the compressor mode, the B40 offers normal and deep freezing down to -15 ° C, regardless of high outside temperatures. 20 ° C below ambient temperature creates the thermoelectric. Approximately 40 liters, robust housing, side recessed grips - an attractive device for a large target group.

  • 38 liters capacity
  • maintenance-free
  • Quick cooling function
  • Capacity: 38 l
  • Maintenance-free fully hermetic cooling system
  • Powerful cooling down to -15 ° C in high ambient temperature as well as quick cooling function
  • Reinforced insulation improves efficiency
  • Resistant steel housing with recessed grips
  • Cover with circumferential rubber seal and magnetic lock
  • Cools the vehicle when parked and when driving

The Mobicool B40 benefits from two cooling systems: a powerful compressor cooler and a thermoelectric unit. The latter takes over when the box is plugged into the 12V vehicle battery - ensuring that the contents of your home are kept well chilled to the campsite. A convincing and cost-effective solution for important comfort. In compressor mode, the B40 has a cooling and freezing function down to -15 ° C, even at high ambient temperatures. The thermoelectric system is capable of cooling to 20 ° C below ambient temperature. Up to 38 l are efficiently cooled thanks to reinforced insulation and a lid with magnetic closure sealed with a plastic seal. This and the robust housing with steel casing as well as a maintenance-free, fully hermetic cooling system ensure maximum performance.


  • Dimensions product depth 510 mm
  • Dimensions product height 450 mm
  • Dimensions product width 520 mm
  • Net weight 20.50 kg
  • Capacity (DIN15502) 40.00 l
  • Net capacity - total content (DIN15502) 38 l
  • Input voltage (AC) 220-240V
  • Input voltage (DC) 12 V
  • Rated input current (AC) 0.6 A
  • Rated input current (DC) 4 A
  • Rated input power (AC) 65 W
  • Rated input power (DC) 48 W
  • Input frequency 50 Hz
  • Noise emission (DIN60704-1 & 60704-2-14) 46.00 dB (A)
  • Interior lighting No
  • Refrigerant 1, type R134a
  • - Contains fluorinated greenhouse gases
  • GWP 1430
  • Refrigerant 1 38 g
  • CO2 equivalent 0.054 t
  • Noise emission (DIN60704-1 & 60704-2-14) 46.00 dB (A)
  • EU energy class (DIN15502) A +
  • Climate class (DIN15502) N / T
  • Color blue
  • Certificates GS
energy efficiency class: A +
Brand Mobicool
Weight 21.00
EAN 6951218414155
item number: 9105303000

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