Picard concrete formwork roughened 650

Picard concrete formwork roughened 650

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TÜV, with two sharp, hardened edges "DBGM", specially designed for scraping off concrete residues, with magnetic nail holder, chrome-molybdenum tubular steel handle, ergonomic, vibration-damping 2-component handle blue / black

Reed hammers / The problem solvers

Forged from alloyed, hardened special steel and finely ground. The extended tubular handle holder is also additional impact protection and more stable when levering. The nail holder of the roofing hammer has an extremely strong magnet.

Two sharp, hardened edges allow scraping off concrete residues.

Claw and point
The claw and the slim, extended tip of the roofing hammer are precisely worked out and inductively hardened. Small nails are also reliably captured.

Guard ring
The hardened steel protective ring is firmly attached to the pipe and provides additional security if it is not hit exactly.

The track is carefully hardened and specially tempered.

Extremely resilient handle made of chrome-molybdenum tube, particularly tough and elastic. An additional hardening ensures special toughness.

The handle and handle are permanently connected with a specially developed two-component industrial adhesive. A special construction ensures that the end of the handle does not work its way through the handle. The vibration-damping material and the ergonomic shape ensure fatigue-free work.

The problem solvers from Picard analyzed problematic work processes and implemented them in new head shapes. The result is special tools that can do what even experienced specialists hardly thought possible: no more slipping on smooth surfaces, optimum adhesion even under difficult conditions - and all without time-consuming tool changes. Such tools can only be developed if you have understood how handicrafts work.

Brand Picard
Weight 0.77
EAN 4016671009484
item number: 65010

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