Forestry Tools

Forestry tools for the professional and the forest work

A garden is beautiful, but also a lot of work. To do this work to the best of my conscience, the right gardeners are needed. Also for the forestry needs are well served with qualitative forestry tools such as Ochsenkopf. At Hammerkauf, there is a wide selection of branded tools for forestry, gardening and forestry. The diverse range of garden and forestry equipment and meets the highest quality standards and represents the best brand tool on the market. The offer includes pruning shears, axes, hatchets, tools for tillage, measuring devices, hedge trimmers and fruit plows. All these garden tools and forestry tools make it easier and fun to work in the garden or in the forest. Various brand manufacturers have developed devices which Hammerkauf has in its product range. The customer can easily choose the model that suits him best and meets the required requirements. For example, the online retailer offers pruning shears from very good manufacturers such as Gardena, Berger or ARS. As the pruning shears are a help at work and should not cost extra money, the brand manufacturers have specialized in designing the tool so that it fulfills exactly this wish. The offered pruning shears are very stable and light in weight. An effortless work is also ensured by slip-off stops and joint-sparing dampers. Our online shop has focused on these special tools to maintain their high quality standards and provide the best comfort to their customers. All tools are durable and sturdily built. Hatchets and xte are important tools for forestry work. Since these types of forestry tools also need to be safe, our online store offers the best tools. Ochsenkopf and Northwood are among the most popular manufacturers of quality tools, but other suppliers are also represented in the product range. When selecting the offer, particular care was taken to ensure that the tools were well and safe in the hand and of the highest quality. Furthermore, customers in the online shop will find the right tools when they are looking for telescopic poles, fillers, grass shears, hooks, pliers, wedges, leaf rakes, bark shears, sappies, sickles, splitters and stalks. Most tools for gardening and forestry are KWF-tested and correspond to high quality and safety. Hammerkauf is known for a wide range of branded tools from all high quality manufacturers. We attach great importance to a customer-friendly service and easy operation of the online shop. As a result, our customers can choose from the tools that are right for them and their needs. Our selection is customer-oriented and of the highest quality and safety standards.

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