Garden Power Tools

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Modern machines and equipment for gardening

For gardening and landscaping, you will find a wide selection of modern machines and equipment here in the shop. They are first of all helpful in such activities as cutting, cutting and folding. All units have a robust material and manufacturing quality and are handy and efficient in use. This applies, for example, to powder sprayers, sprayers, pressure sprayers, hedge trimmers, grass and shrub shears, leaf vacuum cleaners, chainsaws, grass trimmers, engine and chain cutters. Discover these and many other gardening tools and tools here in the shop.

Printing presses were used for hanging and for combating pests

Pressure sprayers are an important tool for applying liquid fertilizers or pesticides. These devices have a pressure controlled pump and a nozzle that allows liquids to be quickly and effectively applied to plants from a tank. The working pressure can be dosed via a regulator directly on the nozzle. The pump keeps the pressure constant and is powered by a powerful battery. This makes a long and uninterrupted work possible. The modern pressure sprayers achieve a constant and uniform spray pattern. Comfortable handling is ensured by a proven harness system and an ergonomic handle. The pressure setting can be infinitely adjusted in the range of 0.5 to 6 bar. All devices achieve high energy efficiency and low wear on the pump and battery.

Hedge trimmers and motors gen

In addition, you will find a large selection of modern electric hedge trimmers in our shop. Most models have a 180 degree rotatable handle for comfortable working in all positions. Excellent cutting performance is ensured by a powerful motor and a high blade speed. The double-sided and opposite precision knives produce clean and precise cuts. The sword length is 60 centimeters with the teeth at a distance of 28 millimeters, so that you can work with the hedge trimmers also large. In addition, the hedge trimmers are characterized by a relatively low weight and a high tank capacity. You need a powerful motor for folding and woodworking. Here in the shop you will find a wide selection of motor gen models for home use as well as for professional use. The devices are not only powerful but also convince with their comfortable handling and useful safety features such as chain brake and hand protection. For hedge trimmers and chains, you will also find a wide range of accessories and spare parts in our shop. so that the equipment can be repaired and serviced.

Grass trimmer and brush cutter

Grass trimmers and fine cutters are a good choice for removing weeds and weeds as well as for cutting corners and edges of the lawn. The powerful grass trimmers from our shop allow a simple and efficient work. The extendible telescopic section and the ergonomic handle ensure comfortable working posture. The cutting speed can be infinitely adjusted and the cutting width can be adjusted to suit the application. Spacers and plant protection gel ensure that no valuable plants are affected. Cable strain relief and automatic Fadenverl ngerung contribute to pleasant work. For maintenance, care and repairs are available in the shop accessories and spare parts for grass trimmers and brushcutters. For gardening, access the useful and powerful machines and equipment as well as the right accessories from our shop.