Safety Shoes & Boots

Safety Shoes & Boots - Sure-footed on every occasion: shoes and boots at Hammerkauf

Safety at every turn. When working in the forest and in the garden, the corresponding footwear is not only a supplement to the protective equipment, but an essential part of it. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to quality when buying the shoes. High-quality shoes for a fair price we have from Hammerkauf ready for you. Shoes for outdoor work and rubber boots have to meet different weather conditions. They should protect the feet and be comfortable at the same time. Safety and comfort are justifiable demands made on good boots. If you are looking for a versatile boot, you are well served with an all-rounder. Working shoes of this category provide a secure hold with their half-high lacing, especially when working in normal terrain. Built-in pads provide protection and stop chain saws with a normal chain speed. Not to neglect is also the upper leather of the work shoes that we offer from Hammerkauf. Nubuck leather, for example, is a tried and tested upper material. In combination with a strong and durable rubber sole, the footwear provides the necessary support for all outdoor work. If it pours from all pots during the upcoming activities in the forest or in the garden, at least the feet should remain dry. If you walk for hours with wet feet, you run the risk of getting a veritable cold. Rubber boots are the versatile solution to the problem. Both in the gardening in the private sector as well as on all other occasions in the wild, rubber boots are ideal in bad weather. The feet stay dry. In addition, the boots made of rubber material have a non-slip sole and thus provide security on slippery ground. Rubber footwear is durable and has a long life. For the care hardly time must be spent. In case of heavy use on muddy surfaces, it is sufficient to briefly spray off the rubber working shoes with the water hose. Already they look like new again. Like all shoe offers that we have for you at Hammerkauf for you, we also pay attention to the rain shoes on a balanced price-performance ratio. Our safety boots shine in all categories with high-quality workmanship at a great price. They are an excellent investment to protect your feet against broken glass, upstanding nails, fallen branches, cold and wet. The sure-footed Hammerkauf shoes are available for every need in different designs and different sizes.