Cut Protection Pants - Forest Helmets - Gloves and more!

Especially for hand, home and forest workers is a safe equipment of the utmost importance. This includes above all the appropriate protective clothing and protective equipment. This special garment is solely for the protection of the body and usually consists of a helmet, gloves, face shield, shoes and gaiters. Whether in a workshop, DIY or outside, the worker is always exposed to external influences. These include dust, flames or sparks, heat and moisture. The protective clothing is there to keep these external influences away from the body. In addition to the purpose of this clothing, it must also be comfortable and fit properly. The clothes should not interfere with the work. In addition, a durable, high-quality workmanship is necessary to have something of the protective clothing in the longer term. Hammerkauf also offers such protective clothing. These include complete equipment for forestry work, but also for the usual craft or home work. Especially when working with trees and wood, dangerous tools such as saws or motors are often used. A corresponding protective clothing is mandatory if you hang on his health. The online supplier has fleece jackets, forestry jackets, cut protection pants and underwear in the range, which on the one hand ensure safe working, on the other hand are very comfortable and comfortable to wear. The forestry clothing is designed to guarantee sufficient freedom of movement. All protective clothing is labeled with the marks of KfW and the DPLF, which means good quality and the highest level of safety. Also forestry helmets are included in the range. These can save their heads from objects falling down. Hammerkauf also offers forestry helmets with integrated visibility and hearing protection. The range includes different helmet variants for every job, every taste and every head. Also on offer are gaiters, facials and combinations of both. Especially noisy machines or tools like Motors gen make a lot of noise. In addition, it can come to fly around and splintering of objects. To protect the eyes and, above all, the eyes, combinations of face and face protection are very well suited. These combinations are well ventilated, rust free and of the highest quality for a long lasting use. The brackets can be easily adjusted and adapted to the respective head size. The online provider also has a variety of work gloves and shoes. The gloves are available in different designs and colors and from the best manufacturers. In addition to work shoes, the shoe range also includes forest boots, rubber boots and the necessary accessories for the care and maintenance of the footwear. Hammerkauf offers a very wide range of high quality products. What is special about us is the selection of branded products which, despite the best quality, are available at favorable prices. Our online retailer is certified and stands for best products, good quality and courteous service.

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