Felling Lifters


Powerful felling lifts can be found at Hammerkauf

Anyone who has to cut down a tree for professional reasons or on their own green space, who already has a year or two under their belt, should be aware of the emerging problems. In order not to expose oneself to dangers in this context, according to experts, consistently professional tools should be trusted. Among other things, here offers a so-called Fällheber. The turning hook mentioned here ensures that already lightly groomed trees can be tilted with the aid of leverage in the desired direction. This tool is used primarily by the lumber, which will be the case in a variety of private gardens.

The special features of the precipitator If you are currently looking for such a Fällheber, then you can now look more closely in the online shop of Hammerkauf. After all, here is a special selection of the variants of Ochsenkopf offered, in which you will find it. The fact that every model is KWF-certified ensures maximum quality. Such a turning hook is used with trunk diameters of up to 25 centimeters. In direct comparison to the felling technique with wedges, this variant differs slightly. The precipitation cut is accomplished with this ergonomically precipitating tool in two stages. After about two-thirds of the fell cut has been cut with the chainsaw, the fell lifter is hammered in. Only now does the final fell cut take place.

The assortment at Hammerkauf As already mentioned, there are a few different specimens of this particular tool for the felling of smaller trees, as may well be the case in the home garden. Of course, in the shop presented here, such a reversible hook can be scrutinized with all the details, so that you finally make a professional purchase decision that will not be regretted later. The ergonomically designed tools are perfectly in the hand while working. In addition, they are forged in one piece and therefore offer maximum robustness, which will pay off in use.

Quality for high security when felling To ensure that these special properties of the mentioned fall lifter can be guaranteed to a special degree, the shop of Hammerkauf offers only high-quality processed models. Of course, you can easily convince yourself of this with models from Ochsenkopf. In addition, all variants are without exception KWF-tested and thus round off the harmonious overall package skillfully. Of course, they are also forged and therefore give a consistently robust character, which is responsible for a high longevity.