Garden irrigation

Large selection of garden hoses and accessories at Hammerkauf

Water on! This command does not only apply to the fire brigade when a fire has to be extinguished. Garden enthusiasts also have to line up to "extinguish" several times a day, especially in the summer months. In the garden, the thirst of the plants, grasses and trees is primarily quenched. Watering lawns and flower beds is one of the pleasant gardening tasks. However, provided that you have chosen a quality product. At first glance, one garden hose may look like another. The serious differences only become apparent during use, for example when kinks form. At Hammerkauf, we only sell hoses from well-established and well-known manufacturers. With a garden hose from Kärcher , you can be sure that it will not jump off the tap while you are watering. A good garden hose is characterized by the fact that it has a certain resistance to kinking and twisting. A weather-resistant anti-UV outer layer prevents the hose from being used without problems in both high and low temperatures. It is annoying and a sign of poor quality when the water flow suddenly stops. To prevent this, the high-quality hoses from Kärcher are provided with a woven reinforcement. For the sake of the environment, the hoses are free from harmful substances such as cadmium, barium and lead. When choosing the length, you should take into account that a faucet is often installed a meter above the floor. As a result, a meter is lost before the hose is on the ground. A hose alone is not enough. You need a hose holder for maintenance. If the hose is constantly rolled up on the floor, it will damage it in the long run. A hose holder therefore not only makes work easier, it also helps save money. A hose trolley is just as practical and indispensable. With the hose trolley, the hose can be transported to any location in the appropriate drum. A hose trolley is therefore not only suitable for the garden next to the house, but also for the allotment garden outside. Hose connectors and couplings are indispensable when a defective hose needs to be repaired quickly. Hose connectors and couplings from Kärcher impress with their easy handling and can be used to connect two hoses together if necessary. If you want to connect two hoses to one tap, we at Hammerkauf have distributors ready. The distributor has two water connections that can be regulated independently of each other.

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