Winter items

More than just awesome - winter items at Hammerkauf

Even when it freezes and snows, Hammerkauf continues around the house and yard. In the dark season there is always enough to do around the home to get safely through the time of snow and ice. We are one of the largest German-speaking online shops for tools and gardening supplies and from now on you will find a large selection of winter items from the brands Peerless, Triuso, RUD, Wolf-Garten and many more at attractive prices, as well sorted as usual.

Regardless of whether you face the frost with de-icing agent or frost protection, whether you face it with ice pusher and scraper, you will find everything you need this winter here.

Everyone knows it: you go out of the house in the morning, but snow on the sidewalk prevents you from just getting in the car and driving to work. But that's over now: With snow shovels and snow shovels, you can clear small paths and properties in no time. And if you want to clear a large area of snow, you can use the petrol-powered snow blower, with which even large plots of land and even parking spaces are free of snow in the twinkling of an eye.

So that your work was not in vain and the cleared area can be used for a long time, we can also provide you with the right spreader, from small hand spreaders to wagons for large areas.

In order to get to your destination safely in winter, we also provide equipment for your car, from a small ice scraper for a clear view to a large selection of RUD snow chains for optimal grip, no matter where you are.

Regardless of whether you are looking for items for private or commercial use, you will find what you are looking for here: snow shovels, snow shovels, de-icing agents, ice pusher, pusher scrapers, gritter, frost protection, snow blowers or even snow chains, here you will find all this and much more from a single source.

We offer a selection of proven, high-quality brands such as Peerless, RUD, Triuso or Wolf-Garten.

To make it even easier for you to find your way around, we give you the option of narrowing down your search using subcategories.

Whether you are looking for small parts such as ice scrapers and universal spreaders or large devices such as snow blowers, you will find it at

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