Air Pressure Technology

Air Pressure Technology

Large selection of air tools at Hammerkauf

When working with compressed air, safety is the top priority. For although it is only the gas we inhale on a daily basis, it develops a tremendous power under pressure. Every element, every coupling, every plug must be absolutely leakproof. Our products on Hammerkauf are of excellent quality and meet all common safety standards.

Pneumatic tool from us from Hammerkauf To create a strong compressed air system, every part must be of the highest quality. Because this medium still finds the smallest gap and the most inconspicuous hole. Loss of performance or even injury can result. We have put together for you high quality pneumatic tools, from which you can develop your personal system. The highest standards are just good enough for your safety in this work. Choose from hoses with different lengths, matching air couplings and connectors, as well as blowpipes and guns for your exact job.

Precise aiming with the blow-gun The purpose of a compressed air system is to direct the pressed gas to its place of use. With our blow guns you will hit exactly the area that you intended for the treatment with compressed air. Our model has a safety nozzle, high-quality die-casting, it can withstand strong loads. For absolutely precise work, we offer you a blow-out pen that you can set to zero to three millimeters. The coupling plug is already integrated in this device.

Couplings: For absolute tightness Stable couplings ensure the secure connection of several parts in your compressed air system. These are made of high quality brass or steel and are available from Hammerkauf in many different dimensions. With your own set of compressed air couplings, hoses, and blowpipes or guns, you can tailor your system to your needs at all times. Compressed air couplings are available from us with or without hose nozzle .

Compressed air plugs - always perfectly connected The plugs are also available in brass and steel versions. You can find models with or without a hose nozzle so that you can assemble your compressed air tool exactly the way you need it for your work. To measure and regulate the pressure acting in a particular area of your system, we offer you the small pressure regulator that operates in the range of up to ten bars. Use a filter to avoid failures of the device. You operate the controller with a handwheel.

When assembling your compressed air system, pay attention to high-quality products, for the sake of your safety. Choose from our models the ones that you can use specifically for your work.

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