Water technology

Water technology
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Optimal irrigation technology when buying a hammer

Gardening is fun, no question about it. But with all the joy that a well-tended lawn, lush rose beds or home-grown vegetables bring to the garden lover, the green and blooming splendor is also associated with some effort. Fortunately, there are now a multitude of useful helpers that make work a lot more pleasant. Where the saw was once used to remove excess branches, special pruning shears and electrical equipment now make the work of sweat easier, larger areas no longer have to be dug up by hand, and the laborious carrying of heavy watering cans is also part of most gardens Past. With regard to irrigation, garden owners now have a variety of options for reliably and easily supplying their plants with water.

Hammerkauf offers you a large selection of devices and accessories for every requirement and need. Regardless of whether you are looking for a simple sprinkler, a rain collector or an irrigation computer, you will find high quality irrigation technology from well-known manufacturers. With the Kärcher Primoflex hose you are always on the safe side for watering your beds and perennials. To evenly water your lawn, you will find numerous Kärcher Regner models that can be easily connected. The hose can then be rolled up quickly and easily on a hose cart from Wolf-Garten or Gardena , and a drip stop ensures a clean result. The large wheels give the hose cart a high level of stability and enable it to be pulled even on uneven ground.

The rain collector is no longer an insider tip and should not be missing in any garden for reasons of cost savings and environmental protection. If you are not always at home or do not have the time to water your garden regularly, you should consider purchasing an irrigation computer. Gardena models are characterized by simple programming and extra large, user-friendly displays. But modern irrigation technology does not end at the garden gate. A special washing set consisting of a washing brush, water handle and the right shampoo or cleaning agent makes cleaning the floors or window panes considerably easier. Even the often annoying car wash is easy to do with a wash set. Today's irrigation technology leaves nothing to be desired, and at Hammerkauf you will find the right solution for every problem.