Garden Maintenance

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At the Hammerkauf garden shop garden lovers will find many useful products that are indispensable in the garden and gardening. When the barbecue season comes to an end, for example, Ballistol is the perfect helper. Ballistol is a tried-and-tested oil that makes every barbeque appliance gleaming in the blink of an eye. As dermatologically tested Stichfreispary Ballistol acts in humans and animals and distributes mite infestation as athlete's foot. The recurring gardening involves watering. Where a lawn has a different water requirement than a vegetable patch. In order to meet the different needs, Hammerkauf has the right irrigation technology for every purpose. When irrigating larger areas, the hose is indispensable. This widespread irrigation technique is even more convenient when using a handy hose cart. Garden and insect repellent are also an issue. Whether it is the door to the terrace or the light shaft, in both cases, the corresponding insect protection stops in front of the unpleasant intruders. A garage door provides protection against uninvited visitors of a different kind. If you want to park your car comfortably in the garage after a strenuous ride, then you are well advised to take a high-quality hinged door drive. Hereby the gate of the garage becomes sesame-open-you. A parking aid may also be useful in a garage. Undoubtedly, the numerous branded products that Hammerkauf and the gardening equipment section have in stock are of great benefit. Whether branch or secateurs, pressure sprayer or garden shredder, it covers the entire range of gardening needs. A garden without a barbecue is like a summer without sun. Everyone swears by his own grill recipes and his special grill. Luckily, there really is the right grill for every taste in this category. Gas grill, fire basket or charcoal grill, the decision between the different quality products is not easy. It is easier, however, when it comes to the selection of fertilizer. Experienced gardeners have long known that there are different fertilizers for turf and fruit and choose according to their needs. There is room for a pond in the smallest garden. The splashing of the water has a calming effect. But even a pond needs care. Mud deposits or algae can be added to any pond. With the right products, which are conducive to the self-cleaning power of water, every pond owner is on the safe side. Safety is also the theme in winter. Winter articles such as antifreeze or snow shovels must not be missing in any household during the frosty months. In order to comply with the statutory Streupflicht with snow and ice conveniently, a scatter carriage has proven to be an ideal winter article.

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