Household Remnants

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With Hammerkauf you are guaranteed to find the right kitchen items and the right one for your household

High-quality kitchen appliances, kitchen items and practical kitchen tools belong in every household. Both are on offer at Hammerkauf, so that kitchen and household are always in top condition. Wherever work is done, waste also falls. Trash cans are the handy trash collectors. Whether classic pedal bin or a trash can in a smaller version for the bathroom, Hammerkauf is the right product for every purpose. The customer finds here high-quality branded products at a surprisingly fair price. This also includes kitchen appliances such as a self-cleaning Deebot, with which the apartment is always high gloss. During the so-called transitional period and once the heating fails, electrical appliances such as Cartronic's 1100 watt fan heater are ideal for providing cozy warmth in the home. Cookware counts as it were the basic equipment in every household. With cast-iron frying pans and grilled pans, steaks and bratwursts are just like the cooking pros. Sauté pans and asparagus pots are useful additions to the cookware. Accessories such as egg cups and bread boxes are practical and at the same time beautiful to look at. Accessories miss every facility a beauty cure. A shapely water and whistling kettle also falls into the category of branded products and is available in different colors. The parts made of stainless steel are the absolute eye-catcher. Designed in retro style, they are suitable for all types of stoves and can even be easily cleaned in the dishwasher. Even a kitchen scale or a kitchen clock can set accents that include admiring glances from visitors. The Wesco kitchen clock is also retro styled and available in different colors. The metal housing combined with tastefully integrated chrome elements underlines the high quality of this accessory. For kitchen appliances, Unold is one of the renowned manufacturers. Anyone who occasionally wants to enjoy chocolate fondue with fruit will find a professional kitchen appliance by Hammerkauf with the Chocolatier by Unold. Also from Unold are the toasters, which are popular helpers at every breakfast table. Appearance and functionality result in these kitchen appliances a unit. A bread roll attachment provides crispy fresh breakfast rolls. Crumbs are disposed of via the crumb tray, which can be easily removed from the Unold toasters. Sanitary supplies must also not look bland. The best example of this is the Wesco toilet brushes, whose high quality and exquisite appearance prove that sanitary needs can have their very own charm.