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When it's summer again and you're out in the great outdoors, a cool box is one of the most important items you'll need. Everyone knows the feeling, if you are thirsty and the drinks are unfortunately only lukewarm. Therefore, you should look in time for a corresponding box to always have cold drinks. In the Hammerkauf shop there is a large selection of different models. Absorber coolers can be found here as well as compressor coolers or simple carrying cooler bags from well-known manufacturers such as Waeco, Mobicool, Ezetil or Dometic. Various connection types The Dometic Combicool is one of the absorber coolers, which has a power or gas connection. Especially when camping is the ability to choose between electricity or gas connection can be very helpful. These cool boxes are characterized not only by their functional design, but above all by an extremely robust housing. This is made of coated sheet steel and has fantastic cooling performance up to 25 degrees below the current temperature. The situation is similar with the Ezetil and Mobicool models. Various models in different sizes ensure that you can find the right coolbox for you. Compressor coolers are high on the list For many camping friends, the compressor coolers are very popular. With a connection voltage of 12 or 24 volts, such a cool box, from the extensive selection at Hammerkauf, the ideal companion for traveling. The Waeco CoolFreeze is one such model. The housing and lid are made of plastic and have a gross capacity of more than 23 liters. Of these, 4 liters are provided as a freshness tray. Due to the excellent height fit even 2-liter returnable bottles upright here. There it is no longer a problem to always have cold drinks on the way. Gigantic selection The selection of refrigerators is not only huge at Hammerkauf and offers all models and manufacturers of excellent boxes, but impresses above all by its variety and low prices. All conceivable types for cooling are available here in the shop. Passive coolers can also be found here as well as thermoelectric coolers and standard boxes. If you want to have it even more portable, you will surely find trolley coolers at their best. Of course, the practical accessories are also available. Well equipped, nothing stands in the way of the next vacation.