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A good craftsman needs the best quality tools. And you can find that without question at Hammerkauf. Here there are professional tools that every do-it-yourselfer would like. For every project that a do-it-yourselfer tackles, he above all needs a base, basic equipment that makes it possible to approach the matter professionally. So even the simplest tools like hammer, pliers and screwdriver should be of excellent quality. However, the quality of hand tools does not necessarily have to be expensive. At Hammerkauf you will find professional tools at attractive prices. For example the tool range from Wera. Wera is one of the leading tool manufacturers on the international market and a supplier of high-quality stainless steel tools, screwdrivers, ratchets, combination ratchet and angle wrenches. Of course, Wera also offers torque tools, impact drivers and soft-face hammers - a whole range of professional tools.

The basic equipment is crucial

Quality from Knipex and Picard When it comes to pliers or a wide variety of hammers, these manufacturers are at the forefront of quality. At Knipex you not only get stripping pliers and stripping tools, crimping tools and precision tweezers, pipe and water pump pliers, but also complete tool sets, special pliers and tool lights. From professionals like Knipex for professionals like you. Picard not only offers you the hammer in all its facets, but also everything else for your professional equipment. From snap-off blades to draw knives, to punch sets to carpenter's hammers, to hot shot chisels to tongue trowels - Picard's basic equipment is what the man makes of it. Hammerkauf works with the online retailer Wiha, one of the leading retailers for high-quality screwdrivers and screwdrivers as well as hand tools for industry and trade. Wiha also offers everything a do-it-yourselfer needs. Quality tools and professional tools are also available from Ochsenkopf and Gedore. Ochsenkopf is a manufacturer of first-class tools for carpentry and forestry work. The long-established company produces its tools from C 60 steel. The minimum requirements of the DIN quality of C 45 are easily exceeded by the C 60 steel used by Ochsenkopf. An above-average service life, solely due to the high-quality special alloy, is absolutely promised. Hammerkauf also offers quality tools from Gedore. Installation tools, hammers and striking tools, ratchets, inserts and accessories of all kinds. Gedore produces quality tools that will last a lifetime.

All that and much more Hammerkauf provides you with everything you need in terms of quality tools for the next action you are planning, regardless of whether you want to build a new garage, re-tile the terrace or renovate the apartment. Here you will find an assortment that leaves nothing to be desired, at reasonable prices. With Hammerkauf your bill will work out, whatever you are planning, with Hammerkauf you can equip yourself like a professional - and only with the right equipment are you able to work like a professional.

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