Probably the most famous tool - the Picard hammer

Picard hammer: Hammers come in many different sizes and types: they are differentiated according to the type of work that is done with them. Usually nails are hammered in with it, but depending on the design, it can also be used to knock stones into shape (mason's hammer), dent sheet metal (dent hammer) or knock sensitive materials into shape (rubber hammer), to name just a few examples. We offer hammers in many categories, such as farrier's hammers, upholstery hammers, or goldsmith's hammers, which differ according to the type of work to be performed. Another type is the differentiation of the Picard hammer according to material, such as rubber or wooden hammer. But also after the shape and type of the tool, the designation is common, such as chisel hammer or toothed hammer.

Examples of the hammers we offer are hoof hammers or sledgehammers, which transmit a lot of power.

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