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Probably the best known tool - the Picard Hammer

Hammer from Picard: Hammers are available in many different sizes and types: they are distinguished according to the works that are carried out with them. Normally, nails are hammered in, but depending on the design, you can also knock on stones (masonry hammer), sheet metal (barb hammers) or even cut sensitive materials (rubber mallet) just to name a few examples. We offer hammers in many categories, such as farriery hammer, upholsterer, or goldsmith hammer, which differ in the type of work to be done. Another type is the distinction of the Picard hammer on material, such as rubber or mallet. But also according to the shape and type of the tool, the term is common, such as chisel hammer or tooth hammer.

Examples of our offered hammers are hammer or sledgehammer, which transmits a lot of power.