Bicycle & balance bikes

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Bicycle & balance bikes

There is also an offer for bicycles and balance bikes at Hammerkauf. In addition to the balance bikes, roller skates and bicycle helmets are also offered, as well as skateboards and scooters. The latter is not only available as a whole in the form of the Big Wheel Bold 205 and other models, but also various replacement wheel sets and a scooter bag.

The roller skates have long been popular and cannot be ousted from the market by anything else. These roller skates "Roller Disco" consist of a synthetic leather boot and cast PU rollers with ball bearings, stoppers and an insole made of polyester. The toe and heel are reinforced. The roller skate is available in sizes 35 to 42. The roller skate is available in blue / green and pink / orange.

Although bicycle helmets are not compulsory in Germany, they are still recommended as they have been proven to prevent or alleviate severe head injuries. Different models are available from Hammerkauf. These differ mainly in design, and are often provided with funny pictures such as animal heads for children. They are colorfully designed, which increases safety in road traffic, although there are of course also simple models in black or blue.

Most helmets have ventilation holes and come in different sizes. Adjustment options are located on the rear helmet and have an adjustable quick release fastener. The material is mostly injection molded hard plastic. For bicycle helmets, size S stands for a size from about 2 years.