Sauna & Spa

Sauna and Wellness - your own spa at home

You want to recover from everyday stress and do something for your mind and soul? Why not enjoy your spa vacation at home? Particularly and especially in the dark and cold season, a wellness oasis with sauna, infrared cabin or spa is particularly popular and offers an optimal way of relaxation. Create your own individual oasis of relaxation. The online shop of Hammerkauf offers you on some pages everything you need for it.

Infrared cabins and accessories

The human body needs warmth to feel comfortable, such as the warmth of the sun. The radiation of the sun is called infrared. However, the body lacks this infrared radiation of the sun in the dark season. But the body needs them, because this inner heat stimulates the metabolism and promotes blood circulation. Many people visit a sauna. But not everyone can handle the sauna. An infrared cabin is therefore an optimal alternative to the sauna. Regularly used with the help of this infrared cabin, a variety of complaints can be alleviated such as back and joint pain. In addition, tensions in the muscles are released.

Extensive range of sauna and spa accessories

In addition to the infrared cabins you will find in our shop on several pages and a comprehensive range of sauna and spa accessories for your own wellness area at home.

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