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High quality and useful accessory for the

Brush cutters are ideal for mowing grass, scrub and weeds along roadsides. The powerful trimmers use rotating threads to cut the blades safely and precisely. Brush cutters are also suitable for garden use and forest maintenance. Above all, they are an excellent solution for cutting corners and edges that are difficult to access for the lawnmower. Modern fineblankers convince with a high operating comfort, which includes a height-adjustable telescopic handle, an ergonomic handle, a comfortable carrying strap and the adjustability of the cutting speed. This allows the units to maneuver well and achieve low vibration levels. If you would like to repair, maintain or retrofit the fineblank, here you will find a large selection of useful fineblanking accessories from leading manufacturers.

Threads and shaving heads for mowing and mulching

Many fineblankers and trimmers can be equipped with different threads or trimmers, depending on the job to be done with them. Cutting threads are available in the shop in different thicknesses and lengths. A maximum thickness of 1.5 to 2 millimeters and a total length of 5 to 10 meters can be considered optimal. Complete bobbins are also available for assembly, including both single and multi-thread bobbins. This saves you from winding up the thread, but can pull it out of the bobbin if necessary. In order for the grass trimmer coil to be used optimally, you need a high-quality rotary shaving head. Some freischneidermodelle can also be used for mulching. But they have to be equipped with special mulching blades, which are available in different versions in the shop. The individual mulcher models differ in shape and size, with particular number and shape of the teeth is important.

Straps for brush cutters

While many smaller lawn trimmers can be comfortably operated with one hand, brush cutters are larger and heavier. For a good handling you need therefore high quality risers. They relieve the joints during longer work and ensure that the device can be safely maneuvered at any time. The comfortable straps have a shoulder pad and are worn diagonally. The brushcutter itself is hung on a mature attachment mechanism. The straps are available in different sizes and colors. Even worn handles should be replaced regularly for good handling. Particularly recommended are the padded handles for brush cutters of all makes. If you are looking for high-quality accessories for mowing or mulching for lawn trimmers and brush cutters, you will find in our shop a comprehensive range at reasonable prices. Here are the most important products at a glance:

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