NEW! Fence Technology

NEW! Fence Technology

NEW! Fence Technology -

Everything for your fence at the best price-performance ratio

For livestock farming, you need the right pasture fence technology. In agriculture today, it is often the case that livestock is securely housed in the pasture with an electric fence. In our offer we offer you everything you need for it, the suitable pasture fence battery, the electric fence, fence posts, wire and other accessories to set up the electric fence you need.

Different livestock need the appropriate electric fence depending on the type

Fence technology must be variable. It makes a difference whether you want to keep sheep, goats, cattle or horses and also horses, whether they are small ponies or very large horses. Of course, you will find in our category for pasture fence technology everything you need to ensure that the species is safely housed in the pasture. Fence posts for sheep or ponies need not be as high as those for cattle or large horses. It also makes a difference what kind of energizer you need, because not all animal species are equally sensitive to electricity. The corresponding wicker fence battery must of course then fit into the fence fence.

We are happy to help if you need advice!

If you already have experience in agriculture and farm animal husbandry, you will surely find everything you need for the new pasture fence on your own. You know then certainly synonymous with what accessories are still needed, find the right insulators, peat feathers and much more by itself. This is different with pet owners, who are brand new and fencing a pasture for the first time. Please do not be afraid to ask us for help. Our team knows the subject well and can help you choose the right length for the fence posts, depending on what you want to keep for animals on the pasture, to find the right pasture fence and you in all other questions so too Advise that your order then everything is together what you need.

If something else is missing or something should be replaced

In addition to all the things you need for the fence, you will also find other useful things in this category for the livestock on the pasture. This also includes the appropriate drinking bowls, because enough water is always important for the animals outside. We also gladly explain everything regarding the installation. The care of the pasture is also important. We have the right dustpans or pitchforks for you to keep everything in order. If you are still looking for a broom, you will also discover it here. Of course, all feeding on pasture is also there, because in some seasons, it makes sense to hang hay nets when the grass is scarce and the manger for the concentrated feed is often practically housed near the animals, because there it will second hand. If you have any further questions, please contact us.