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Saw chain oil & engine oil such as SAE 10W-30 · buy cheap online!

Anyone who works with heavy equipment and motorized tools knows how important lubricants and fuels are. While fuels are responsible for the drive, lubricants are extremely important in reducing friction and wear. A chainsaw is the most important tool, especially when it comes to forest and forestry work. They are fueled to run and require saw chain oil for regular maintenance and long life. Saw chain oil not only reduces wear and friction, but also provides more power, cooling, vibration dampening, density and corrosion protection for the saw chain. The chain is the cutting, and therefore the most important part of the chainsaw, which is used for wood and forest work, tree care, on construction sites and even for technical assistance and in the artist sector. The many possible uses show how high-quality good chainsaws are and how essential good care is. Around eight tons of saw chain oil are used in Germany every year. The chain saw oil is usually transported from the tank via an oil pump into the chain saw bar when it is in operation. This enables an optimal distribution of the oil. A distinction is made between mineral saw chain oil and organic oil. Most oils, however, are plant-based. The so-called organic oils are much more effective and also more environmentally friendly than saw chain oil of mineral origin. Choosing a good quality oil is important. It should fulfill the necessary functions, be heat-resistant and not tend to resinify, i.e. harden. At Hammerkauf, we have many high-quality fuels and lubricants in our range, including motor oil, mixed oil of mineral origin, hydraulic oils, gear and special oils. Our motor oils, mineral mix oils and the chain oils are all from well-known manufacturers such as Arnold and Ratioparts. These manufacturers are known for high quality, reliable branded products that deliver what they promise. Also included are motor oil types with the very high-quality viscosity class sae 10w30. Oils in the sae 10w30 class are considered to be very good, usable for both winter and summer and very flexible in use. These varieties speak for very high quality. You will find organic chain oils from Arnold, mineral oils from Ratioparts and many other important lubricants and fuels. At Hammerkauf, we started selling hammers in 2009, but we now sell more than 10,000 products in our online specialist shop for the home, garden, workshop, camping, forestry, kitchen and motorcycle sectors. In doing so, we rely exclusively on the products of brand manufacturers, which we sell at fair and affordable prices - precisely designed for quality-conscious customers and the professional home and craft sector. We ship across Europe and quickly, we take orders both online and by phone. For your search you can choose our user-friendly search option or the filter in the individual categories. Our shop is certified as a "Trusted Shop" and we value service, friendliness and reliability.

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