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Containers to transport liquids in the most advantageous manner, are no longer needed only in interaction with a vehicle. In many other areas, too, you can benefit from many interesting advantages that one would certainly never want to do without in retrospect. If you are currently looking for the right petrol can, then the look in our well-stocked online shop can definitely be worthwhile. Convince yourself now of the diversity and possibly access to your favorite The wide selection in this area First and foremost, we have two sizes of canisters, which can additionally be selected as a filter option with just one click. In addition to the dimensions of 335 x 150 x 465 millimeters, you can also opt for a copy with dimensions of 345 x 160 x 275 millimeters. The possible field of application is very broad in every case. So our well-assorted online shop from Hammerkauf will also offer you many interesting surprises, so that in the future you can get the petrol you need from the petrol station or use the replacement canister already filled in wise providence. Even double canisters are available from us. To ensure that you can rely on the highest standards of safety in the various areas, all variants made available to us appear TÜV + GS tested. Naturally, you will also receive different sizes, which is why you too can certainly strike at your absolute favorites. It goes without saying that you can get all important information about our article pages in advance. Quality with every product In addition to gasoline, these two can variants also carry other liquids, so you are always prepared for all eventualities. A canister from our shop from Hammerkauf thus gives you all the features you need to be sure of many benefits. Highest standards of quality processing are of utmost importance solely for the transport of flammable liquids, and we are fully aware of the high level of responsibility involved. It is not without reason that we attach special importance to the fact that all variants offered here are TÜV + GS certified and you can therefore rely on the highest standards of safety. It is best if you get a picture yourself. Various sizes already await you in this context. See for yourself!

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