water treatment

water treatment - Water treatment for pools

Various items are available from Hammerkauf, which serve the water treatment. So there are the indispensable test strips, with which the pool owner can check both the chlorine level and the PH value. This is very important for the chemicals to be delivered in the right dose. Too much is not only an unnecessary environmental impact, but also leads to skin irritation, while too little can lead to water tipping. A whole other help for the pool care is a sponge, which is left in the pool, where it absorbs dirt, oil and, for example, body lotion. The sponge is then simply squeezed, cleaned and replaced. Other aids for the care of the pool are an electronic pool tester for chlorine and PH value or a similar digital set. Hammerkauf also offers tablets or granules for changing the pH and chlorine. Ideal for beginners is the INTERLINE Starterset, which contains all necessary things. It is advisable to have so-called "quick chlorine" ready in case the water threatens to tip over. And ideally you create yourself a floating dosing device, in which, for example, the chlorine tablets can be filled. So you can enjoy the bath for a few days in peace, without paying attention to the chlorine level, because through the slots in the doser this is discharged independently to the water. If you let the water in the pool over the cold season, it is best to add liquid wintering products. This is also available at Hammerkauf.