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Beverage coolers from Hammerkauf

A glass of cold milk for breakfast, ice-cold water as a thirst quencher in between or a cold beer at the end of the day - many drinks taste good and cooled simply much better. Especially for mobile camping equipment, Hammerkauf offers a wide range of beverage coolers for every occasion, from wine coolers and milk coolers to beer and beer keg coolers (connectable to 230V) as a complete dispensing system. The range includes products in many color variants and shapes, thus providing a suitable beverage cooler for every taste.

The beverage coolers from Hammerkauf do not just serve as practical containers. With durable bottle and wine coolers from well-known manufacturers such as Ezetil and Waeco they also make visually quite a lot. This way, drinks can be presented stylishly at any time. In addition, the equally useful and elegant Ezetil cup or the Ezetil Flask offer compact cooling.

In particular, smaller capacity coolers are often equipped with a proven PU foam insulation which ensures a long cooling time of their favorite beverage. On the other hand, wine, milk and beer coolers as well as many bottle coolers usually work with the efficient thermoelectric cooling principle (depending on the product with 12V or 230V connected load). The advantage: The temperature can be set as required and the devices work very quietly. Waeco also supplies connecting cables in various lengths as accessories for all devices with 12V or 24V connection.

The Hammerkauf bottle coolers are suitable for all commercially available bottles from one to 1.5 liters and can also heat if required.

The old rule of thumb that only white wine should be enjoyed cool, but red wine at room temperature has long since served. Because: A too warm wine reinforces possible traces of cork taste and the too high temperature acts as too spicy food. Here is: Dear a few degrees colder! Wine coolers have therefore long been a simple and elegant means of cooling wine down to a comfortable temperature. Thermoelectric devices are suitable for wine or sparkling wine. They can be operated in mains operation, cordless by battery or via the 12V cigarette lighter in the car or caravan.

Milk coolers are a stylish and useful addition to coffee machines. For those who love dairy creations as well as for the practical and clean use in the catering industry: with an active milk cooler, the milk does not have to be put back into the refrigerator immediately after frothing, but can be stored in the refrigerator for a long time without any loss of taste.

Beer coolers are an excellent solution for bringing top or bottom fermentation to drinking temperature within a very short time. The connection of the barrel is easy and the equipment leaves nothing to be desired.