pool heating

pool heating - pool heating

Summer, sun and your own swimming pool in the garden, what more could you want. The pool offers a wonderful way to recover from everyday stress, and for children it is the ultimate swimming fun. However, the sun is not always strong enough to warm up the water in the pool. You also want to use the pool as long as possible in the year. In spring and autumn, however, the sun's rays are often insufficient to heat up the water in the pool. In this case, a pool heater offers relief, as it ensures pleasant water temperatures in spring and autumn.

Now, of course, the question arises, which heating is the right one? First of all, the size of the pool plays a role, as the pool heating is based on the size of the pool. Then you have the choice between different variants of pool heaters such as electric pumps, heat exchangers, heat pumps and solar pool heaters. Here it must be considered which type of heating is the best solution to heat the pool water. If you look on our pages in the online shop, you will find the right heater for your pool.

Selection of heaters

In our online shop you will find different heaters for different pool sizes. For example, the Solar Heater solar panel from Interline, which can heat a 4000 liter pool basin within one day, solar convector heater for inflatable swimming pools or a solar convector heater that can be expanded by adding panels. On our pages you will also find a variety of accessories, so that the bathing fun in your own pool remains unadulterated. When cleaning the pool with chemical agents , we recommend a connection kit for the heat pump, which you will also find on our shop pages. By interrupting the water flow to the pump, this set ensures that the water still flows in the swimming pool, but not through the heat pump. Whether it should be a heat pump or a solar heater, you will find the right one at Hammerkauf. Do not waste time and look directly at our pages, inform yourself comprehensively and order. You will be satisfied.