A wide variety of swimming pools are on the market, which are becoming increasingly popular with customers. The pools that can be set up are designed in different ways and made of different materials, but they always allow relaxed swimming or bathing on the property at home. Depending on the size, several people can bathe in it at the same time; this is a great pleasure especially with children.

For example, the wooden pool "Bali" is available at Hammerkauf. This is hexagonal in shape and lined with a film on the inside. Different diameter sizes are offered - all in the luxury pool design with a wooden ladder. Installation is easy, the inner shell is tear-proof and the wooden construction is stable and durable. The pool also includes various accessories such as floor tiles, skimmers and filter systems.

A completely different variant of the pool is a steel wall pool, which is built oval. Different sizes are also possible here. The walls visible from the outside are made of white painted steel, which are held in place with a support system.

Similar steel wall pools are also available in a round design, as are both variants with a wood look, which is also an eye-catcher in the garden.

The above-mentioned “Bali” wooden pool is now also available from Hammerkauf in rectangular and oval shapes. All pools have a long service life and great bathing pleasure. The costs vary depending on the design and size - although you should also consider the follow-up costs such as the amount of water when choosing.

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